Simon Sheppard's website. Covers everything from Big Sister to the Jewish Question. His theories on female psychology should have made him as famous as Freud but haven't because academia and the mainstream media are under the domination of Cultural Marxists.
Jim Goad
Mr Goad published an underground fanzine in the 1990s whose fourth issue led to an obscenity trial. He is a fierce critic of political correctness and of the social justice warriors who have sapped all the fun and rebellion out of the counterculture.
Alex Linder
Mr Linder gets straight to the point and isn't afraid to "name the jew."
Institute For Historical Review
Was WWII really necessary? Is the Holocaust a conspiracy theory? Plus an excellent news blog and book store.


Angry Harry
A good introduction to the evils of feminism.
The Unknown History of Misandry
There is an old and popular belief that women are innocent, virtuous creatures that would never hurt a fly. Nowadays this idea is aggressively promoted by feminists, who wish to portray women as victims and would have everyone believe that a world without men would be a world without violence. This blog definitively debunks the myth, providing hundreds of examples of female serial killers who murdered women and children, just one of several categories of violence by women that are covered. Unfortunately, the blog mindlessly repeats WWII atrocity propaganda and a few entries sound like the plot to Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS. Anyone who has studied the material at the above-linked Institute for Historical Review knows that the testimony of so-called "holocaust survivors" and the verdicts of the war crimes tribunals are dubious and should not be taken at face value.


Second Opinions
Is soy good for you? Does eating butter result in heart attacks? Can too much exercise kill you? Does vegetarianism cause mental illness? Does fluoride really prevent tooth decay, and more importantly, is it safe? All of these questions and more are answered on this site.


A search engine that respects your privacy. It returns the same results as Google but without keeping tabs on you. It's run out of Europe, where privacy laws are stricter than in the US. One of its founders is Katherine Albrecht, co-author of Spychips, a book exposing the privacy threats posed by RFID tags.
A webmail service based in Switzerland that, unlike Hotmail and Gmail, respects your privacy. Both free and paid accounts are available.

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