The Current State of Feminism

by Alex Torus

To an extraterrestrial observer it might seem as though western women have it easy, but appearances can be deceiving. Western women are in reality struggling daily beneath the yoke of patriarchal oppression. Everywhere you turn, there is another painful reminder of the male tyranny under which they live.

While some progress has been made, the struggle for social justice continues and no woman can claim to be free from bondage until the following urgent problems have been resolved:

  1. The patriarchy uses air conditioning to dominate females in the workplace.
  2. Urinals in public washrooms promote inequality between the sexes.
  3. Men intimidate women in public transport vehicles through manspreading, a heinous practice in which a man spreads his legs a few inches to the sides, preventing women from occupying adjacent seats.
  4. Men infantilize women in the workplace by explaining things to them that they should assume women already know.
  5. Men harass women on the street by greeting them.
  6. Men use flatulence to subjugate women.

Posted January 18, 2019.