And Now A News Bulletin About Mammoths

by Robert W. Whitaker

About ten thousand years ago there were mammoths in North America and giant sloths in South America. About that time the Indians crossed the land bridge into America.

It had always been taken for granted that "man destroyed the mammoths." I remember seeing pictures of white men in animal skins killing mammoths. It was the ice age, but everybody was depicted as being half naked, which was the symbol for "barbarian."

White men in animal skins hunting a mammoth on the cover of How and Why Wonder Book

But when it came to North America, the historians have suddenly had a Revelation.

They had routinely condemned "Man" for killing the mammoths and showed those white guys doing it. Then it suddenly hit them that Man, in North America, meant Native Americans, those innocent lovers of Nature.

You could almost hear the "Screech!" of brakes as historians had to reassess this idea that Man destroyed the mammoths. The mammoths had existed through millions of years of ice ages and hot ages, but now the historians tell us that they died out naturally at exactly the time the Indians got here.

I am sure that we will soon be told that the Native Americans tried to save them.

Political Correctness Is A Game Of Trumps

The preceding is not about mammoths. It is about the Blame Game of Political Correctness. We all know that Political Correctness blames everything Evil on Mankind.

But leftism also requires that all the sins of Mankind be the fault of the White Man. In contrast to the Evil White Man, non-whites are highly moral beings who are at one with Nature. This makes things a bit complicated, but modern history always adjusts instantly in order to make it fit into the Political Correctness scheme.

Fortunately, Political Correctness can count on the fact that no college graduate does any thinking at all. So when they showed white cave men killing mammoths while running around half naked in the Ice Age, nobody asked a single question.

So now when the image of Evil Mankind collides with the Noble Native American Who Loves Nature and who would not hurt Brother Mammoth, nobody asks about it.

When Indians came across the land bridge, mammoths, which had survived millions of years and a huge number of ice ages, just happened to drop dead.

So Politically Correct history is a lot like a game of trumps. Mankind is Evil, but that is trumped if the Mankind being referred to turns out to be non-white.

The Politically Correct Hate List

We have lived all our lives with this game of Politically Correct Trumps, but nobody has put down in detail exactly what the trumps are.

We all know that Political Correctness says that White Men are Evil and that Non-Whites are lovers of Nature and moral paragons.

Another rule of Political Correctness is "Animals good, People bad." So if man is greedy that is just awful. If an animal is greedy he is just following nature. When people destroy forests it is pure evil. When elephants destroy trees, it just shows how nice they are.

So we know these two rules: Whites Bad, non-Whites Good and People Bad, Animals Good.

But then we run into a case like the mammoths. When it was white men killing them, history declared man killed the mammoth. But if Man killed the mammoth in North America, then those men were non-white.

In this case "Man Bad, Animals Good" runs up against "White Man Bad, Indian Good."

Another rule of Political Correctness is "Poor People good, Rich People bad."

Political Correctness lives on Guilt, and there is no point in making poor people feel guilty because you can't get anything out of them. So the Virtuous Poor People are the victims of the Evil Rich.

You can get Guilt money out of the Evil Rich.

But what about a case where a person is a rich member of a minority? Here "White Man Bad, Minority Good" runs into "Rich People Bad."

Another rule of Political Correctness says, "Men Evil, Women Good." We know that men who make unwelcome advances cause traumas that leave all women psychologically wrecked and ready for Oppression.

But what if the woman is white and the man is black?

White Bad, Black Good. So isn't it her fault for leading him on?

[The preceding is an excerpt from the book Why Johnny Can't Think: America's Professor-Priesthood. Mr Whitaker is a former college professor. More of his writings can be found at his website.]

Posted June 6, 2011. Last modified July 2, 2018.